Maven Coalition News - June 7, 2019


A compendium of news and tips for all Mavens across the Maven coalition.

CONGRATS to these newly-signed Mavens

A warm welcome to these newest members of the Maven coalition:

  • EPB Macro Research - Eric Basmajian’s data-driven approach to macro-economic analysis and investing
  • BengalMaven - all things Cincinnati Bengals
  • PennStateMaven - fan site for Penn State Nittany Lions
  • LonghornMaven - Texas Longhorns community and news
  • BuffaloMaven - Marcus Mosher covers the Buffalo Bills
  • BCMaven - AJ Black's news & social hub for Boston College fans
  • CardinalMaven - Arizona Cardinals news and community
  • BuckeyeMaven - fan site for the Ohio State Buckeyes

Tip of the Week: Online Style Guide

Grammar, punctuation, formatting, layout - if you write, you understand that style matters. You want to clearly, consistently and efficiently communicate your ideas to your readers. But if you’ve longed for an easy, online alternative to one of the big classic style books, we have just the thing.

A group of experienced HubPages editors has created this Style Guide, which is useful to anyone writing online, regardless of platform. No matter your experience, you’ll likely learn something new, and are bound to improve your writing. Enjoy!

Product Update - Notify This!

In the last newsletter we announced several enhancements to Notifications on our Community platform. In coming weeks we'll ship even more, and want you to be aware of them before they land.

Though the “Follow” button now auto-subscribes users to notifications, it doesn’t affect users who registered prior to May. We’ll soon auto-subscribe those prior users (unless they’ve already setup notifications and/or unsubscribed). This means all your profiled users will be notified of new stories, without having to manually “Turn on Story Notifications”. We’ll start them gently with a weekly story “digest”, but they can easily modify those settings to daily, immediate, per-room, or unsubscribe.

But first we intend to style-up the currently-simple email template, including

  1. adding your channel logo to the top,

  2. reformatting the body and

  3. adding best or trending stories from the week.

We expect this will drive even more users back to your channel, more frequently, increasing your traffic.

Here are some mock ups of the notification mail.

Desktop version:

Mobile version:

But wait, you may ask… what if I’ve been publishing on Maven’s “Tempest” enterprise platform? Are these features available? The answer is “yes”, we’ve already begun rolling out Maven Community features to partners like you. Please contact to learn more about participating.

Thank you for being a Maven.

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As retired tech writer for environmental engineering and since 2008 a professional SEO content, copywriter and blog writer, what I find is that these style guides depend on the demands of the site issuing them.

For example, for one SEO content I write for the biggest issue is where a comma belongs. Since I also write content for international clients, the other problem is US English that is not accepted in the UK, AU or CAN.

Even in parts of the US, I also find that being from the East Coast, when it comes to grammar, our New England influenced grammar is a turn off to clients in the south or Midwest.

Derek Liddell
Derek Liddell

Can't wait to ship this one!