Maven Coalition News - March 29, 2019


A regular compendium of news and tips for all Mavens (channel partners) across the Maven coalition.

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Thanks to all who joined us for the update last week. Click here to see the presentation, prior newsletters, and other useful materials - and to interact with other Mavens.​

Maven Investor News

This week we updated investors on recent transactions and a related update to the MVEN capital structure. Click here to learn more...​

CONGRATS to these recently-launched mavens:

Product Update: Maven to Maven Sharing

One of our biggest endeavors in 2019 is the distribution of your content to over 100 million monthly active users across the coalition. We’re now testing sharing of content from other channels within your Top Stories and room streams, as well as within the stream below stories. The same will be done with your stories on other channels.

This screenshot shows a channel that has decided to recommend two related channels to their readers (the “AllHipHop Recommends” area just below the J. Cole story). The Recommended carousel will appear between your third and fourth stories. We are not locked on that placement, and will watch the data to assess where it performs the best.

Additionally we can show a second carousel in the stream, featuring content from other Maven channels that the user is following:

For now, we are testing these features with just a portion of traffic on a handful of channels, to assess the impact. We are also refining page load times. Eventually we will roll this out across the Maven coalition.

It is important for us all to embrace distribution in 2019 so we can deliver on our promise of reducing your dependence on the FB/Google duopoly to drive traffic. With over 100 million monthly unique users, some will surely want to know more about your topic!​

Maven of the Week

Guitar Player is the world’s most comprehensive, trusted and insightful guitar publication for passionate guitarists and active musicians of all ages. Every style is covered, including rock, blues, metal, and jazz. They also interview the best guitar players in the world, like these gems with the late Prince.​

HubPages Update

Thanks to all who responded to our recent poetry/short fiction contest. We chose five of the most creative and powerful to be featured on the LetterPile and HubPages Facebook pages, Instagram and in the HubPages Weekly newsletter. Look for those over the next five weeks, starting Wednesday 3/27. ​

Keywords and Traffic

Knowing common keywords for your subject helps bring in more search traffic. They’re not always obvious. For example, if you’re writing about crafting Dutch cocoa treats, you may assume that people are searching for “bitter chocolate.” But they may be searching for “dark chocolate” instead. Try to figure out what your ideal audience is searching for by exploring similar articles on the web. For more on the subject, visit this guide to creating a successful, search-friendly title and our Maven SEO training module.​

MavenToMaven: Newer partners may be unaware of this online gathering place for you to interact, share best practices, learn about new features and ask general questions. There’s also an excellent FAQ and links to materials specific to your platform. Click here to join us!

Thank you for being a Maven.