Maven Coalition News - May 11, 2019


A compendium of news and tips for all Mavens across the Maven coalition.

Maven of the Week: Matthew Scherer

Whether you are a novice guitarist or a seasoned prodigy, you can always spice up your rhythm to keep things new and interesting. As a studio musician and filmmaker, Matthew is the expert you need to create some great music and produce a tight music video to accompany it.

Maven Company Update

Lots of news this week, as Maven announced a new CFO, hosted a public call and released investor guidance. A recording and presentations are available.

Click here for details…

Product Update - Photo vs Content Galleries

What is the difference between a Photo Gallery and a Content Gallery using Maven's enterprise authoring tool?

The Photo Gallery has a large "invite" located in the body of the content. When a reader clicks on the invite, this opens a fullscreen Photo Gallery modal. While copy can certainly be added to these slides, it is intended to be minimal. The images are truly the hero of this gallery format.

Photo Gallery Invite:

Photo Gallery Detail:

By contrast, the Content Gallery is displayed in-line, meaning, it is part of the body of the article. Users do not have to click to open up this gallery. The Content Gallery is intended to showcase both images and long form content. One way this feature can be used is for unfolding information in sequential order. Some fun use cases include providing a visual step-by-step guide for a recipe, walking the reader through a DIY project, or even outlining a yoga sequence.

Content Gallery:

Bonus Tip of the Week - Unpin Old Stories

On the Maven community platform, pinning stories is a great way to temporarily highlight topical or important content that you want users to see first, at the top of the room they're published in. But unpinning them is equally important, as this doesn’t happen automatically. If you continually pin and never unpin, your new stories will be pushed down and hard to see for your daily users. Please use pinning judiciously, and make it a weekly ritual to review your pinned stories, so users will always get the newest and most relevant content when they visit your site.

Thank you for being a Maven.

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