Maven Coalition News - May 24, 2019


A compendium of news and tips for all Mavens across the Maven coalition.

Maven of the Week: BACKPACKER

Their simple mission is to “get people outdoors more.” BACKPACKER welcomes travel and trail-loving adventurers with open arms, delivering trusted, actionable advice and inspiration. This week they launched a membership product called Basecamp, utilizing technology built-in to the Maven enterprise platform, and it’s off to a strong start.

Check it out! And if you believe you could benefit from the recurring revenue a membership product offers, contact to learn more.

Update on New Editor Rollout

As described last month, this powerful tool continues to roll out across the Maven Community platform, and you can get it too by signing up on MavenToMaven. More generally, MavenToMaven is an online forum for you interact with fellow Mavens, share best practices, learn about new features and ask general questions. There’s also an UPDATED FAQ and links to training materials on SEO, community and more. Click here to join us!

Product Update - Notifications and “Follow” Button

“Get users to make your site a daily habit” should be the mantra for any partner seeking to maximize engagement and thus revenue. A strong notifications system is one key to driving those repeat visits. This week we shipped several improvements to make notifications more visible and useful to users.

See that bell at the top of the screen?​

Any user who clicks it will get this prompt:

And once they've "followed" your site, notifications are emailed to them, with a link back to your site. That same bell will display a red "gleam" indicating the number of notifications that await:

And if they're an app user (and have accepted notifications for the app), they'll be notified on their phone of new stories, or posts, or both, depending on settings - which they fully control.

But we’re not done. We’ve been working to reduce friction for user signups even further, by only requiring an email to create an account:

This feature will take longer, as we work to ensure it’s secure and reliable, but it’s on the way.

But what if you're on the Maven enterprise platform aka Tempest and are interested in similar features? Check out our prior coverage on how we're bringing community to all partners, and contact if you'd like to participate.

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