Maven Coalition News - September 6, 2019


A compendium of news and tips for all Mavens across the Maven coalition.

Meet... and Learn From... Your Fellow Mavens!

MavenToMaven is an online gathering place for partners, editors, journalists and moderators across the coalition (don't worry Hubbers we've also got a place just for you!). Interact with fellow Mavens, see and share best practices, learn about new features and ask general questions. There’s also an excellent FAQ and links to materials specific to your platform.

What's YOUR Favorite Team?

We've probably got you covered with a passionate community of fellow fans. Maven Sports has grown quickly to 76 channels with more going live every week.

Given the time of year, we've been focusing on NFL and college teams, but we're beginning to add soccer and NBA team sites as well.

And don't miss the recently-launched Bull Market Fantasy with Jim Cramer -- a channel offering key insights, analysis and tips for winning fantasy sports leagues.

Find Your Team...

Best Practice: Podcasts

As podcasting grows in popularity, it can be a great supplement to other content & community you provide. But it's important to maximize both the reach and the monetization of your podcasts.

Certainly you should post on your own site AND distribute to the popular platforms (iTunes et al) to ensure people find it. But always, always refer back to your site frequently (just as you do on social media, right?) encouraging people to check out everything you offer, so you can turn them into repeat visitors, capture emails etc.

What about on your site? How do you maximize revenue there?

The key is to make it a video. And not on YouTube or Vimeo - upload directly to the Maven platform. That way, lucrative video ads will serve to your benefit Ideally you've done the podcast itself as a video, as in the Seahawks story here, which is a more engaging user experience. But if you only have audio, that works too - just combine it with an attractive thumbnail graphic.


Thank you for being a Maven!

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