Maven Partner News - Holiday Edition - July 3, 2019


A compendium of news and tips for all Mavens across the Maven coalition.

Maven of the Week: Cupcakes and Cashmere

One of the most popular lifestyle sites in the Maven coalition, Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere celebrates the little pleasures in life, through fashion, travel, food, beauty and interior design.

CONGRATS to our newest Maven

“Next year” is just around the corner for the NFL, and Jared Martin's ChargerMaven is ready with news and community for fans of the LA Chargers.

ICYMI - New Editor Rollout

Usage of this powerful tool is expanding across the Maven Community platform, and you can get it too by signing up on MavenToMaven.

Maven Amplifies its Sports and Finance Verticals

Certainly June was a huge month for the Maven coalition, with the dual announcements of our acquisition of popular finance site TheStreet and agreement to operate Sports Illustrated, arguably the most iconic sports journalism brand in America.

Certainly these deals are game-changers in sports and finance, with traffic, branding and monetization benefits expected not only for partners in those categories, but across the entire coalition. All of us here at Maven, from engineering to finance to ad services to publisher support, are working hard to ensure a smooth integration of both of these properties.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!