Promotable Links for Apps


Here is a consolidated list of links for app downloads

Hello all,

Below is a list of custom app store links for the iOS app (Android links coming soon), for channels in the Maven coalition utilizing the community-oriented platform. As more channels go live, we'll add their links here.

Users who click the link for your channel will be taken to the app store to download the Maven app. Upon launching the app, they'll be taken straight to your channel, which will remain their default experience (though they can still access other coalition channels if desired). Effectively, it's a white-label, branded app for your channel.

Maven's mobile-web experience is solid, so why promote the app?

  • better user experience - native apps enable faster navigation
  • excellent video experience via built-in video player
  • app notifications bring users back to your channel regularly

If you have any questions about using these links, or if you need a link for your channel, email us at

  • Prudent Money:
  • The Global Lead:
  • On the Road with Scotty:
  • Veteran Business Success:
  • Human Rights Foundation:
  • Sean Hyman - The Logical Investor:
  • Rinku Sen:
  • Neale Godfrey - Money for Life:
  • Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation:
  • Asphalt & Dirt:
  • The Fathers' Rights Movement:
  • Kitchology:
  • Blue Lives Matter:
  • The Chocolate Life:
  • Black Wealth Channel:
  • Roaming Millenial:
  • Big Blended Family:
  • CraftBits:
  • Hip Candy:
  • AllHipHop:
  • Transpartisan Voice:
  • Sugar & Sports:
  • Economonitor:
  • View from the Peak:
  • The Intellectualist:
  • Warrior Maven:
  • Transgender Universe:
  • Linda Sarsour:
  • MishTalk:
  • The Weed Blog:
  • MomMoments:
  • Chess Daily News:
  • Marijuana Maven:
  • Original Path:
  • Sustainable Human:
  • ETF:
  • The Alpha Discoverer:
  • The Scumfrog:
  • Income Minded Millenial:
  • Political Storm:
  • The Loftus Party:
  • The Shoe Game:
  • PINAC News:
  • Today's Mama:
  • Indian Country Today:
  • NFL Draft Scout:
  • MamaTeaches:
  • A Woman's Health:
  • The RA Connection:
  • Osteoporosis and Bone Health:
  • SuperPosition: