The most important document you'll read here

The Maven Playbook - critical steps to success in the new media landscape. A few of these like #8 and #9 are still being rolled out, but most you can start today, if you haven't already:​

  1. Publish Daily Content Aggregation (FMP)
    1. “FMP” top stories from around web, from predetermined, consistent sources
    2. Simply paste URL, then add editorial comment - can "Feature this conversation" to move to Story area
  2. Daily Stories with video
    1. At least one video, daily
    2. It's easy - can utilize “Film & Fire” and Wochit
    3. All stories should have embedded video (use wochit, if needed)
    4. Remember, video yields 6-10x the revenue of display ads
  3. Active Community - "5 Moderators for 5 rooms" guideline
    1. Visible, daily, human presences, not generic “Site Editor” etc
    2. Daily FMP placements for each room
    3. Provide engaging posts, moderation and friend invites
    4. Teach users how to use tools
    5. At least one post per day, per room, from non-editors
  4. Daily promotional, Social Media Links to your Maven Channel
  5. Daily Newsletter of Top story or stories
    1. Headline, linked to story on Maven Channel
    2. Promote registration (for newsletter and App)
  6. Promote member ranking/performance, contests, congratulations, leaderboard
  7. Build SEO distribution - follow our SEO playbook
    1. “Double-down” on existing top SEO-driven stories (refine, improve)
    2. Fill top gaps for Google search terms and questions (top 200)
    3. Ensure content is compliant with Google news, AMP etc
    4. Domain structure implemented (within vertical)
    5. SEO-savvy headlines (not “HD Only” or “Drop the hammer”)
  8. Intra-network distribution
    1. “Find your Maven” navigation
    2. RCW (recirculating widget) participation (by vertical and network)
    3. Material distribution driven
  9. Major Media Distribution participation
    1. Compliance with 3rd party needs, to receive feed relationship
    2. Material distribution driven
  10. External PR and associations
    1. Subject-specific conferences and speaking engagements
    2. Radio, TV and other offline media engagement
    3. Causes, associations, affiliations support
    4. Reach out to other experts for quotes, incentive for them to share story - including other Mavens

​Here's the presentation we've been giving, with some additional resources.

We're glad to answer any questions in the comments or via