Pacers' Two-Game Stretch Against Texas Opponents Postponed by NBA

Grant Afseth

The Indiana Pacers were initially schedule to play both the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets consecutively. Both of those games were postponed for a later part of the season. 

Before the severe winter weather impacted the state of Texas, the Spurs were dealing with a variety of COVID positive test results on their roster. Four games on San Antonio's upcoming schedule were cancelled as a result, including their matchup with the Pacers. 

Given how governmental leadership opted to cancel various professional sporting events across Texas, it's likely the Pacers' scheduled game against the Spurs would have bene cancelled anyways. 

The NBA decided to release only the first half of the NBA schedule due to the expectation of postponements throughout the initial half. The Pacers will likely have their two postponed games factored in after the All-Star break.

Currently, the Pacers hold a 15-14 record and sit fourth in the Eastern Conference standings. Indiana is coming off a 134-128 overtime victory over the Timberwolves and will have to wait to build on that until Feb. 24 when they are scheduled to host the Golden State Warriors. 

Indiana appears to be trending in the right direction as of late after facing an easier schedule. The Pacers have won three of their previous four games with wins over the Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and Timberwolves. 

It won't be quite as easy for the Pacers when they return to action. Indiana has matchups with the Warriors, Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and Philadelphia 76ers as their next four games, all of whom are in the playoff picture.