5G Mobile Data Will Soon Be Here, But Guess What Is In the Way...

5G rollout: Regulatory hurdles | IN 60 SECONDS
5G rollout: Regulatory hurdles | IN 60 SECONDS

5G wireless service is set to make broadband internet easier to access and more competitive than ever, but regulatory hurdles might get in the way at the loc...


It won't be much longer until 5G mobile data is here and widely available to the public. Already some cities are rolling out tests of these networks, preparing for when the technology will be made nationally available. The introduction of 5G will be a great addition to our technological experience, but the government is making the rollout more difficult than is necessary.

In the attached video, network communications scholar Roslyn Layton shows how the difficulties 5G faces are not technical, but regulatory. She presents two very different approaches for establishing the next generation of mobile data: San Jose and Sacramento.

Guess who's going to have the better result?

Watch the video above, and let us know your thoughts on the subject.

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I'd love to have 5G available. Government is slowing down progress here!