Are Men Becoming "Obsolete"?

Are men obsolete? | FACTUAL FEMINIST
Are men obsolete? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

For most of human history, men have been the dominant sex because of their capacity to compete, take risks, and fight for resources. But some claim these mas...


In the 20th and 21st centuries, feminist movements have boldly claimed to empower women over the patriarchy, and that because of these strides forward, women no longer need men in order to sustain a thriving society. That may or may not be true, but is it the right attitude?

Christina Hoff Sommers, aka the Factual Feminist, discusses this idea of men becoming "obsolete" in modern society. She acknowledges that for most of human history, men have been the dominant sex in almost every society, and that's because men tend to take the biggest risks in life. But in some people's views today, that kind of masculine assertiveness and risk-taking is simply unnecessary.

Sommers disagrees, and breaks it all down in the attached video.

Women are flourishing in unprecedented ways, but men have hardly vanished from the scene. I mean it's still men who are more likely to start businesses, file for patents, tell jokes, write editorials, conduct orchestras, blow things up. Men succeed and fail more spectacularly than females, and so there are more males who are Nobel Laureates, and CEOs; but also more who are in maximum-security prisons. Men commit most of the acts of wanton violence but it usually takes other men to stop them.

Women's success does not mean that men are unnecessary. On the contrary, in Sommers' assessment, men are just as necessary as ever because men and women complement each other. There are also still the dirty and dangerous jobs that most women are unwilling to fill (which is completely understandable, looking at the numbers).

Watch the video and let us know your thoughts!