Art for a Good Paws: Holiday Weekend Shopping Option


I rarely sign on to petitions. They're often so steeped in righteous indignation that I refuse to be associated with the underlying anger. But I love animals, so one earlier this against a grotesque Guggenheim art exhibit got me.

The Guggenheim thankfully cancelled the show, but still stood by its "First Amendment" rah-rah-rah claims to defend the exhibit (let's recall: Just because you have a right doesn't mean you have an obligation to exercise it in the outer limits).

But my favorite part about the situation is that the people who called attention to the nasty exhibit have decided to go big (signing the petition put me on their email chain, and I've not seen a reason yet to unsubscribe). They have formed a bigger goal around their initial disgust, and it includes an art exhibit serving as a fundraiser to help animals! Proceeds go to the Animal Haven shelter. Yay!

You probably can't attend. I can't. It's in Brooklyn. This weekend. But just the ability to string it all together (like my girlfriend hosting her holiday party this weekend and deciding to ask everyone to bring a Toys for Tots donation) and do something good because you're motivated to do something good makes me HAPPY. And so, I wanted to share — because isn't a payoff along the pursuit of happiness worth sharing?

On top of it all, as I check out the campaign and the event's sponsors, it looks to me like a lot of them are just local small businesses who were moved to support the event because it was a small investment and they could. Incredible self-empowerment comes out of doing something meaningful, no matter how small. So good for these business owners.

Now, every cynic in the world can come up with his or her suspicions about what may or may not be wrong with the organizers, the charity, the event, or the process (thanks, Internet!). I don't know - or really care - about the naysayers. What I do know is that if you like art, like animals, live in the area, are looking for a gift or a piece for yourself, or all around just like seeing something good come from something bad, then I hope this makes your day.

WHAT: “Biting Back – Art for a Good Paws." Over 40 artists and nearly two dozen businesses have donated art pieces and raffle prizes. 100% of proceeds from sales and raffles will be donated to Animal Haven, a shelter doing vital work for animals in the NYC area.

WHERE: A Bar Brooklyn, 597 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn NY 11222. A Bar Brooklyn has generously donated their space for this event.

WHEN: THIS WEEKEND! Dec 1-3, 2017
• TONIGHT, Dec 1: opening night reception, 7 p.m. – midnight.
• Sat, Dec 2: 1-6 p.m.
• Sun, Dec 3: 1-5 p.m.

WHY: Pick a reason, any reason:

  1. You love art
  2. You love animals
  3. You love animals in art
  4. You want to continue discourse on appropriate use of animals in art
  5. You want to be a part of something positive coming out of the Guggenheim fiasco
  6. You want to hang out with me or any of the amazing artists and organizers who will be there