Before the Monday Doldrums Kick In, Let's Recap Thanksgiving Weekend


I don't particularly recall how high school was - who were my friends vs. who were people I was just in the same building with. But while I decided months ago I was going to attend, envisioning going to my reunion in the days leading up to this weekend caused me the same sense of anxiety as I had when I was in high school.

Now, I don't know why I was so nervous. I didn't talk to everyone who attended the reunion, which is fine. But all of the people whom I did speak to were very nice. And not phony nice, but friendly nice. I guess that's why they were the ones willing to go to the reunion — because it turns out they are happy with what they've become.

Of the people I'm friends with today, I guess that many would say they spent a lot of time in high school worrying about being in high school. But it's such a small part of our overall lives. Why does it carry such an out-sized role in our perceptions, especially when in hindsight our "roles" in high school really didn't have such a giant impact on who we became? We were young and easily influenced, but it turns out, everyone was just trying to get by.

What was your most memorable part of this holiday weekend? Was it the food, the family, the football, or an unexpected and pleasant surprise?