Digital Diet: A Recipe to Control our Addiction to Phones, Computers, Social Media, Etc.

Ever feel like you've got too much digital tech in your life? You would not be the only one, for sure. There is now all sorts of research coming out (some that's been shared here) showing that too much time on phones and the Internet can actually be problematic for our health. In response, there are new plans and ideas being proposed to help keep our lives in balance in this area.

I came across this article discussing the idea of a 5:2 digital diet, where we can have 5 days on our devices, but 2 days off. The weekend is the best time for this, allowing for work-related time on technology, but setting up a boundary. Instead of having your phone around constantly, take a break from it!

To substitute your phone and social media, they recommend buying an actual alarm clock, getting an actual camera if you want to take pictures, doing some "mindful" exercises like yoga, and getting outside to clear your mind.

It's an interesting proposal to me. Would I do it? Well, I try to separate from social media and tech as much as I can. Yeah I'll check it, but I normally keep my data and Wi-Fi off so it minimizes the notifications. But maybe I could try an even more intentional approach.