Facebook's Data Scandal Gets Worse: They Are Tracking People Who Are Not Even on Facebook …


Facebook's Data Scandal Gets Worse: They Are Tracking People Who Are Not Even on Facebook


It's getting hard to keep up with just how broad the scope of this Facebook data scandal is becoming. First it was the accidental leaking of 50 million people's profile data and the company not telling them; then it became 87 million; and now the company is tracking people who have not even given their information to the social network.

"Facebook obtains information from those not on Facebook in two different ways: from other Facebook users and by tracking people who visit other other sites on the web.

When people sign up for Facebook, they’re encouraged to upload their contacts to make it easier for Facebook to connect them with their friends. That allows Facebook to access personal contact information for people who never signed up for the platform or gave their permission to share their information. Facebook knows that these contacts are friends of the new Facebook user, and can start compiling additional details on these non-members."

Did we ever imagine that these social networks would be so intrusive? And do people realize just how intrusive they actually are? Maybe not, because a lot of this has been happening behind the scenes, invisibly, hidden from our sight.

I've already deleted the app from my phone and just use the the browser now. I find that I'm on it less often, which if anything is good for my social and mental health overall. I wish I could seriously consider deleting it, if not for work necessities. For those who don't need it for work, I wonder how many are leaving the biggest social media platform. Are you considering becoming one of the next?