How Dedicated Are You to Helping Kids? Bet Not As Much As These People


How dedicated are you to helping kids? Betting not nearly as much as Colorado UpLift .

The Denver-based program serves 5,600 students in 29 public schools, and employs staff who work as teacher/mentors and life coaches through more than 300 classes each week, and are willing to help out any hour of the day or not.

It may seem a drop in the bucket considering that UpLift says 60,000 kids in Denver schools know what it means to be "at-risk." At-risk means a lot of things, including kids who may be living in a home without the mother and the father, dealing with abuse, having parents inside the penal system.

But every bit helps. Colorado UpLift students see a 98 percent high school graduation rate, with 86 percent going on to enroll in college. That compares to the overall public school system, which has a graduation rate of just under 65 percent.

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Sounds like a great program! Are there similar programs in other cities and states? I know Seattle could definitely benefit from something like this.


Wow this is wonderful!