How "Fainting Couch" Feminists Threaten Freedom in America

How fainting couch feminism threatens freedom | FACTUAL FEMINIST
How fainting couch feminism threatens freedom | FACTUAL FEMINIST

AEI resident scholar and former professor Christina Hoff Sommers has been lecturing on college campuses for more than twenty years. Recently, some students h...


In a free and civilized society, people are free to engage in dialogue with each other on important issues, and are able to dissent from the prevailing majority's opinion without being retaliated against. However, the "fainting couch" feminists of the 21st century, as described by Christina Hoff Sommers, are systematically shutting down open dialogue and threatening freedom of speech.

Sommers, a.k.a. the Factual Feminist, has experienced this herself — at Oberlin College and Georgetown University, where feminist protesters have put on massive resistance efforts against her, and even set up "safe spaces" for those who are "triggered" by her speeches.

I visited both campuses to give talks on the need to reform feminism, and the need to correct exaggerated victim statistics. Now in the past, activist students who disagreed with me came to my lectures to spar and debate. Well, today they issued trigger warnings and accused me of giving them PTSD.

At both Oberlin and Georgetown, activists organized safe spaces where students could flee if they were panicked by my arguments and at Oberlin, 35 students and a therapy dog sought refuge in a safe room ... there were paranoid flyers festooned on the walls. The first three rows of the lecture hall was filled with students who had put duct tape, red duct tape, on their mouths and sat there as I spoke.

At Georgetown, the threats against Sommers were so frequent that the university had to assign armed guards to protect her from the crazed protesters. Hear more from Sommers in the attached video.

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