How Groupthink Turns Us Into Compliant Citizens

Groupthink on online platforms | IN 60 SECONDS
Groupthink on online platforms | IN 60 SECONDS

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr can promote groupthink, and Silicon Valley companies might even perpetuate groupthink withi...


Groupthink is considered the enemy of organizational management, so why is it that social media platforms and websites only show you content you already agree with?

Roslyn Layton explains that major media outlets benefit from everyone falling in line, including government regulators.

To create a marketplace of ideas online, regulators should remove the barriers to entry which limit the ability of other companies to compete in the online advertising space. If forced to compete for ad dollars, Silicon Valley would have less incentive to placate its own bias and the market will have more meaningful platforms for different kinds of speech.

Do social media platforms make it harder to have creative ideas?