Jewish Dream Becomes Reality: Jerusalem Recognized as Israel's Capital With Embassy Move …


Jewish Dream Becomes Reality: Jerusalem Recognized as Israel's Capital With Embassy Move

On May 14, 2018, the United States opened its new embassy in Jerusalem, signaling to the world that it now recognizes the ancient city as the capital of the Israeli state.

It's been a dream for the Jewish people since the Maccabean rebellion against the Roman Empire in the 2nd century AD. Richy Lowry, columnist for the New York Post, wrote about this millennia-old dream that has finally come to fruition.

"The notion that the City of David isn’t the capital of Israel was an impolite fiction, honored by the United States and the West for fear of provoking Arabs hostile to the very idea of the Jewish state. Its prime minister, parliament and highest court are based there, and it’s unimaginable that Israel would ever agree to any peace deal that didn’t recognize it as the capital.

The tired, conventional arguments against it haven’t held up well in the wake of President Trump’s decision to move our embassy. The Arab street hasn’t exploded. The West Bank has been relatively quiet. Arab capitals haven’t erupted in outrage."

There has, unfortunately, been some violent responses from Gaza, where opponents of the Jewish state hurled molotov cocktails, burning tires, and some even attempted bombings, though the IDF were able to thwart that.

But aside from that region, the Middle East has been largely quiet in response. There's more uproar from the West, with complaining about the move that has been promised by several presidents, but only carried out by the current one.

That is one thing I definitely can give him credit for: he carried out the promise to move the embassy to Jerusalem. It really is an event to mark down in history.