Jordan Peterson's Message to School Shooters

Message to the school shooters: past, present and future
Message to the school shooters: past, present and future

I wrote in some detail and with some depth about motivation for the mass slaughter of innocents in my new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Beca...


Last week, there was yet another horrific school shooting where quite a few students were killed. The shooter was a student (though I will refrain from saying his name), and it appears that this was yet another crime of revenge against those who had socially ostracized and pick on him. Why do these horrendous acts keep happening?

Social psychology Jordan Peterson recently sat down and discussed this topic on his YouTube channel. After the shooting at Parkland, Florida, he sat down and read a chapter from his book 1'2 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.' He presented it as a message to school shooters past, present, and future.

Peterson's discussion of the motivation behind these attacks is rather profound. I found his insight as something to seriously ponder in our society. How can we really get to the root of this problem? How can we address the heart that is behind these events?

I hope you take a listen to this chapter, I learned a lot from it and I hope that more of us can take these lessons to heart and apply them in our daily lives.