Jordan Peterson: The Power of Writing

Jordan Peterson on the Power of Writing
Jordan Peterson on the Power of Writing

Dr. Jordan Peterson explains the best way to teach critical thinking is to teach proper writing. This is an excerpt from his 2017 Maps of Meaning class: http...


For as long as I can remember, writing has come naturally to me. I've just been able to sit down and write whatever I've needed to without much issue in a variety of scenarios, whether it was school, work, or pleasure. Some of my peers have wondered how I can just write and write and write, but I don't even know myself. Perhaps Dr. Jordan Peterson just gave me the answer, though.

In the above video, Dr. Peterson is addressing a student who asked about critical thinking. His response to the question is that the best way to teach people critical thinking is to teach them to write.

Writing is a process by which people think, and it is a time-consuming and expensive process. Going over a good essay is easy; just check a few places, and put a big "A" at the top. But teaching a person all the things they did wrong in an essay is a difficult process.

But, it is by that process that a person learns to think critically. It is through learning proper sentence structure, paragraph structure, flow of thoughts, etc. that a person learns how to properly structure their thoughts as well, to present coherent lines of thinking.

I've never heard it out this way before, and I'm just sitting here like, "Duh!" I don't know why it never really clicked before. Did my teachers make this clear in high school? Maybe they did, but it never struck me until now, until I happened across a YouTube video from a Canadian college professor.