Mozilla Launches New "Facebook Container" To Prevent Facebook From Tracking You

The social network just can't seem to catch a break right now, as many people are fleeing the app and site in order to better protect their data. Since a whistleblower blew the top on a scandal at Facebook regarding how users' data is used, the company has lost nearly $100 billion in value, and now other companies are responding in their own unique ways.

Mozilla's new extension to block Facebook tracking is a pretty bold move against the social network. I'd add it onto my browser if I wasn't so used to Chrome.

"The Facebook Container add-on fits into that broader scheme of things, insofar as Mozilla wants to position Firefox as a privacy- and security-focused browser. And what better way to capitalize on Facebook’s current privacy scandal than by launching an add-on that promises to keep the company from tracking you?"

Sounds like a smart move on Mozilla's part. I anticipate more revelations will come out about how other companies are using our data, and the desire for privacy will only increase. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to that demand (should it come about).