One Woman Takes Generosity and Community Service to a Whole New Level

Humankind Stories
Humankind Stories

This is no big operation. No corporate funding, no warehouse or employees. Just one women in her pickup truck, delivering the things her neighbors need.


Stories of good-heartedness and generosity don't get the same media attention that the negative stories do, and that's a sad thing. While the negative stories can really wear us down and cause us to be anxious, the good stories are the ones that lift us up and encourage others to emulate such good deeds. Erica from Detroit has authored one of those stories, and I'm glad to have come across it.

She's not being funded by a large company, she does not have a huge online network to help her get to people. She just has her truck and social media, and is able to use the two to deliver life's basic necessities to people in her community, people who don't even have their own vehicles and can hardly afford some of the things most of us take for granted.

By just doing the right thing, voluntarily giving to those who are in need, Erica is setting the example for the rest of us. We all ought to aim to have a heart like hers, where we are willing to give out of the abundance that we have in order to help our fellow man who has less than we do.

I aspire to be like her in my own way. That's part of why I am so adamant about getting out of debt. Once my wife and I are out of debt, we will suddenly have much more money available to us because we are keeping it instead of sending it back out the door as soon as it comes in. When we are able to keep more of the fruit of our labor, we'll be able to give much more generously to those around us.

Whether it's buying someone's groceries for them, or giving a neighbor a ride somewhere, or whatever may be needed, I want to have the same kind of heart that Erica does. Not for the social media attention, but because it is the right thing to do. This is how we effectuate good change in our communities, and bring people together.