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Remember the Equifax Data Breach? It's Much Worse Than We Were Originally Told

Several months ago it was revealed that one of the largest credit bureaus, Equifax, had a data breach that revealed nearly half of all Americans' personal information.

We were originally told that 143 million people had their data stolen, but that number is actually higher; nearly 147 million had their name and date of birth exposed, and 145.5 million had their Social Security numbers exposed. Additionally, 27.3 million had their gender exposed, 20.3 million their phone number, and 1.8 million people their email addresses.

"Also troublesome for consumers is that Equifax announced the scale of the leak, when its online resolution portal — where customers can dispute items in their credit report — was breached in September.

This means that 56,200 passports, drivers' licenses, security cards, taxpayer IDs, and other personal documents were also leaked. Equifax says in the filing that it notified customers affected by this breach individually and wasn't required to do a broad disclosure upon delivery."

Yet another reason why having some ID theft insurance and protection is a must these days. The credit bureaus take our information without us really consenting and hold it all in centralized data servers. What could possibly go wrong?

It may be a good idea to check your credit report soon. If someone got a hold of your information and tried to open fraudulent accounts, it will unleash a whirlwind of trouble that could take months to resolve.