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Some Schools Are Considering Banning Best Friends To Be "More Inclusive"

I can hardly think of something more destructive than this idea. It is literally an authoritarian approach to social relationships, where the governing body is prohibiting certain kinds of associations of which it does not approve. That kind of social engineering will habituate kids to be wary of developing close relationships with people because Big Brother is watching to make sure they don't become "too close."

Parents, if your school district is thinking of anything like this, I implore you to demand the school board drop it. There's a bigger issue here than just "inclusivity." I see this as a hindrance for kids developing close relationships. How can we be free when association is hindered? What are your thoughts on this?


I talked to my wife about this, since she is an elementary school teacher, and she said that her own school has a similar policy. The motivation behind it at her school (a private school) is because some of the kids were flaunting their "best friends" at other kids trying to hurt their feelings. The school decided to then not allow the young kids to use the phrase because of the bullying.

I get the rationale behind it, but I'm still skeptical about the idea of "banning" kids from saying that this person is their best friend at school. Obviously, if they're using the phrase to hurt other kids, something like "this is my best friend and you're not!", then that needs to be addressed. But banning the phrase? I'm not on board with that, there has to be something else we can do.

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This is social engineering on a whole new level.