Tech Does It Again! 3D-Printed Homes May Be The Next Breakthrough in Housing

A house is generally going to be the most expensive purchase a person will make in their lifetime. Because of building costs and available resources, many people in the world do not have their own house, but that could change soon due to 3-D printing technology, which now enables printing of an entire house.

"[New Story and Icon are] the two organizations came together to show that it’s feasibly possible to build an easy-to-replicate house in under 24 hours. They plan to take this proof-of-concept and start producing small houses for families in countries like Haiti and El Salvador. The 800-sq-ft house cost around $10,000 to build using Icon’s proprietary Vulcan printer, but the company plans to eventually bring that price down to around $4,000. Theoretically, it could soon print one of the houses in about six hours, a representative for New Story told Quartz. But the process is still being ironed out—the house in Austin is the only one built so far."