The Best Way To Advance School Choice Is to Think Globally, Act Locally

School choice and localism | IN 60 SECONDS
School choice and localism | IN 60 SECONDS

After the 2016 election, some school choice advocates hoped for a huge federal choice initiative, yet a sweeping reforms from DC can hinder more effective ef...


School choice is not a fix-all solution, but expanding the number of options for education often offers a chance at success in elementary and secondary education. At the state level, many victories have been achieved for students across the entire country. However, now that Donald Trump is president and Betsy DeVos is Secretary of Education, some are calling for federal action to speed up the school choice movement.

That would be a mistake, in education scholar Andy Smarick's opinion. Based on the federal government's record with education initiatives, things like No Child Left Behind and Common Core, the results have been rather undesirable. Though the intentions of a federal school choice law or program would be benevolent, the effects of it would likely be minimally good, or even bad.

Watch his defense of localism in the attached video.