The Facts Show That Free Speech is in Danger on College Campuses

Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST
Free speech on campus: Is it in danger? | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Campus protestors have shut down recent speeches by Charles Murray, James Watson, Ben Shapiro – and even the Factual Feminist herself. While some observers c...


Free speech is under attack on American college campuses. There have been quite a few examples over the past several years of speakers being shouted down by student protesters, and campus administrators doing little to stop such interruption. Speakers such as Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Christina Hoff Sommers (a.k.a. the Factual Feminist) have experienced this firsthand.

Sommers discussed the crisis of free speech in her latest video. She references several journalists' articles that state there is no problem with free speech on college campuses, and which cite studies that show very few college students support the idea of suppressing speakers with opposing viewpoints.

However, the studies cited by reporters are problematic in her opinion. There very much is an increasingly hostile attitude toward opposing views on campus, and she says how that trend is growing.

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