The Man Who Made the Constitution Relevant Again

The man who made the Constitution relevant again
The man who made the Constitution relevant again

The late Walter Berns was at once a patriot and a scholar, a rare combination in today's world. Trace his story from WWII, to an artists' colony in New Mexic...


Walter Berns was one of a very small group of scholars who made the founding relevant again, and really fundamental to our understanding of ourselves. We take it for granted now that, well of course, if you study America you have to read the Federalist Papers, and you have to think about the Constitution and the Constitutional Convention and John Marshall, not just the latest Supreme Court cases. And you have to read Lincoln. That was not the case when Walter Berns began writing on these topics in the 1950s and into the 1960s. And he and a small group of friends and colleagues of his really revived the study of the founders, showed why you couldn't understand America without understanding the founders.

Walter Berns, 1919-2015. A scholar and a patriot.