The Passenger Car's Days May Be Numbered; Trucks, SUV's Are Changing the Vehicle Market

Over the past decade, the demand in the vehicle market has changed, and more consumers are looking for trucks, SUV's, and crossovers, opposed to traditional sedans. Over 50% of the demand for vehicles is for bigger and taller vehicles, and that's causing manufacturers to change what they produce.

"The trend shows no sign of abating, despite cries from car enthusiasts that crossovers lack the driving dynamics of sedans and complaints from environmentalists that SUVs and trucks are typically less fuel-efficient than cars.

By 2022, LMC Automotive estimates 84 percent of the vehicles General Motors sells in the U.S. market will be some kind of truck or SUV. Ford's ratio of domestic SUV and truck sales will hit 90 percent; Fiat Chrysler's will notch a whopping 97 percent."

The good news is that if you're a sedan person like me, there will still be imported cars to choose. Hyundai has been my choice of brand for some time now, and as long as they continue producing quality vehicles I'll buy them. But if so many people are flocking towards bigger vehicles, that's their choice. But if gas prices spike up again, I'll be glad to have my fuel efficient, yet powerful and stylish, sedan.