What Works in Helping the Poor?

What works in helping the poor? | VISION TALKS
What works in helping the poor? | VISION TALKS

How do we help struggling Americans rise out of poverty? In his first Vision Talk, Robert Doar, AEI's fellow in poverty studies and former New York City welf...


How do we help people rise out of poverty? Former New York City Welfare Commissioner Robert Doar offers four key principles that everyone concerned with fighting poverty needs to hear.

*Read more from Robert Doar. *Robert Doar is a bold advocate for antipoverty policy that actually works. In "Where's the Outrage?," he takes economists to task for their complacency in the face of an ongoing human tragedy. In "The Path to Responsibility Can Start With a Broom and a Paycheck," he shares on-the-ground stories from one of New York City's most successful job-training outfits. And in "10 Welfare Reform Lessons," Doar lists the top ten principles he gleaned from his successful career in government.