YouTube Oops: Inadvertently Doing ISIS's Work for It

اليوم سوق الإماء في الدولة
اليوم سوق الإماء في الدولة


If your kid were suddenly watching radical terrorist recruitment videos, where would you turn? It's a question that is asked on all continents and in multiple languages, Fortunately, the ICSVE exists. Its work unveils how ISIS works, how it brainwashes children, how ISIS treats prisoners.

It also helps by debriefing defectors and captured ISIS terrorists. It summarizes in a dozen languages the words of defectors and others who have escaped. It exposes ISIS for what it is, and is used by imams, psychologists, police, teachers, and prison rehabilitation counselors as part of counter-terrorism.

Unfortunately, as counter-terror expert Michael Rubin explains , its videos are hard to find on the most widely available video viewer in the world - YouTube. They are still available, after some finagling with the Google-owned platform, just not easily uploaded.

In all likelihood, YouTube is probably just using an algorithm and blindly responding to the complaints of ISIS sympathizers who recognize the effectiveness of ICSVE work. Countering objectionable content, however, should not mean countering content objectionable to radicals and terrorists.

Alas, that sort of common sense seems to evade Silicon Valley. It’s time to protect groups like ICSVE from Islamic State bots and trolls, not do their dirty work for them.

What can be done to make sure good content isn't trapped by bad algorithms?