Evidence Uncovered That May Prove the Existence of an "Ancient City of King David"

Archaeologists believe they have uncovered the remains of an ancient city of King David of Israel, Eglon to be exact. About 30 miles from where Jerusalem is today are remains of ancient buildings with inscriptions that contain phrases referring to David.

Professor Avraham Faust, co-head of the archaeological dig, stated: "We, of course, did not find any artifacts that said ‘King David’ or King Solomon’ but we discovered site signs of a social transformation in the region which are consistent with a change from Canaanite culture to a Judean culture.

“Since it took place at a time we believed the Kingdom of David began to spread into this region, it is clear this building was part of the events in the Bible ascribed to the Kingdom of David.”

This is a pretty cool discovery. The archaeologists seem to disagree whether David existed for not, but for those who are Christian believers we know he did thanks to our religious traditions and records. But it also also fascinating to actually see some archaeological evidence to support the existing traditions.