Hollywood Turnaround? Christian Films Are On The Rise With No Sign of Slowing Down

It started with obscure, cheesy films in the late 1990s with Kirk Cameron, and now more mainstream Hollywood actors are taking roles in Biblically based films. From 'Left Behind,' to 'Passion of the Christ,' to ''Noah' and 'Exodus,' it seems that this is a trend in our country's film industry.

Does that represent a shift in our culture overall back towards the faith? I'm not so sure yet. If it does, that's encouraging, but I need to see more evidence of mass revival before I'll claim it.

One thing I will say about these films is that, especially in the recent ones, there are some pretty serious doctrinal issues at their core. 'The Shack' had some highly problematic views of the nature of God and the Trinity, and the 'Exodus' and 'Noah' films having glaring inaccuracies that even non-religious sources had to call out.

I'd like to see better from the film industry on these productions. After all, this is the revealed Word of God we're talking about here. At minimum, films done based on its contents should be accurate (and have some semblance of reverence).