Safe Families for Children is Looking for Volunteers or Host Families. This Is What They Do

Safe Families for Children - Dion
Safe Families for Children - Dion

What if Dion didn't have a safe place to stay while his mom worked through a family crisis? Dion's reality could have been much different; tragic even. But i...


Flourish Now has worked with 445 business partners and 42 church partners to connect more than 70 percent of its clients with sustainable employment, and through its Safe Families for Children program, has equipped more than 300 low-income and at-risk families to remain intact through times of crisis.

Safe Families for Children Southwest Florida doesn’t take kids from their parents. Safe Families gives parents peace of mind that their children are protected and nurtured while they get clean, sober, working, and back on their feet. The goal is to strengthen and preserve biological families so that they can better care for their children.