The Church's Small Thinking About Its Cultural Role

Business as culture creation | TO WHOM IS GIVEN
Business as culture creation | TO WHOM IS GIVEN

American culture is defined by its businesses, and Christian businessmen and woman can speak to the American imagination through counter-cultural entrepreneu...


"Business is the primary creator of culture. They look at market conditions and they assess needs and desires and wants and in an anticipatory way they create products, goods, and services that actually bring to life what's in our hearts and our imaginations."

Don't agree with this statement? Consider this: How many advertisements do you see every day from businesses that speak directly to you about your identity, what you desire, and what the good life looks like -- all the large, philosophical questions that individuals deal with on a daily basis?

Entrepreneurs play a huge role in how these questions are answered, and not just by directly talking to consumers in ads. They shape organizations' missions, systematize how employees work, shape how stakeholders play a role, how vendors behave, how the supply chain moves, and how places where buyers consume are designed.

With such a huge role in culture creation, where does the church fit in? Can they work with businesses to create moral, honest, loving, and life-transforming experiences?

Tell us your ideas of the role of churches in business.