93% of Couples In Great Marriages Do This One Thing Daily


Earlier this week, I was listening to the Dave Ramsey Show online (being the personal finance junkie that I am). During each show, he usually has some sort of really fascinating statistic or article that he discusses. On the February 7 show, he shared an absolutely amazing statistic about happy marriages that we would be wise to take to heart.

Ramsey Solutions, parent company of the show, conducted a study of 1,000 U.S. adults on the subject of money and marriage. In the study, they found several overarching themes based on the data: (1) everything they teach at Ramsey Solutions works and is true, and that (2) money is the main thing that couples fight about.

With that in mind, the importance of the study skyrockets because if couples can work out their money problems, they have a very good chance at a happy marriage. So how do they work out their money problems? It’s actually much simpler than you probably think.

Based on their data, 93% of couples in happy marriages talk about money at least daily or weekly. They are bringing up the subject frequently, in an open and honest manner, and it enables them to work out their money situation rather smoothly.

They are unsure of which is the cause here: whether great marriages foster open dialogue about money, or if frequent dialogues about money foster great marriages. Whichever is the case, the correlation is there, and a very strong correlation it is.

What does frequently talking about money look like? As Dave and his daughter Rachel discussed, they have dream conversations, where husbands and wives literally put on paper what they want their future to look like. If they are currently broke and in debt, putting their financial dreams on paper gives them an idea of where they want to go in the future.

Here’s the thing folks: if we are aiming at nothing, we will hit every time. We can wander into bad financial situations, but we cannot wander out of them (and we certainly cannot wander into prosperity). Becoming wealthy and generous requires a lifetime of intentionality and focus, and if you’re married you and your spouse need to both be on the same page.

By openly communicating, and doing so frequently, it keeps both of you on the same page, and enables you to work together towards your goals. For me and my wife, our short term goal is to be debt free in 2018 (which we will be able to do because of our intentionality). Our long term life goal is to become millionaires, and to be outrageously generous with what we have accrued over our working lives.

We have set that goal and are working towards it, but we can only actualize it by constantly talking about our finances and constantly being on the same page. In turn, it has helped us so much in the financial aspect of our marriage; money is almost a non-issue for us because we have been so intentional about things.

I hope this helps all you married people! It’s working well for us, and for 93% of those surveyed by Ramsey Solutions. We’re doing something right!