Are American Schools Designed to Succeed?

Are American schools just not designed to succeed?
Are American schools just not designed to succeed?

Education reform: Is it the civil rights issue of our time, as Ted Cruz and Al Sharpton have claimed? Or are American schools not designed to succeed? In thi...


Our schools are failing the most vulnerable kids.

The average life span of a Fortune 500 company, from birth to death, is about 50 years.

No institution lasts forever. When the world changes, they either adapt or — more often — fade away while something else takes their place.

Yet the core of our education system is 200 years old.

Why are we shocked that a system designed in the early 1800s isn’t optimized for 2015?

In this compelling talk, Rick Hess — Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute — challenges us to radically rethink what public schools should accomplish. And he explains why calling education a “civil rights issue” might be more limiting than helpful.