Eva Moskowitz: Antipoverty Hero

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Class of Success

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In her new book, Eva Moskowitz, the former New York City Councilwoman, describes the obstacles on her path toward improving educational outcomes for New York children from low-income families through creating charter schools. In founding and managing the Success Academy network, Moskowitz has helped increase opportunity and outcomes for the city's most underprivileged youth and has become a contemporary antipoverty hero.

Moskowitz instills in her network of charter schools an emphasis on parental involvement, detail-oriented management, comprehensive and consistent pedagogical philosophy (consistency but without demanding identical methods across schools), and rigorous principal and teacher training.

"My highest priority was creating a school culture that had a low tolerance for laziness and dysfunction and high expectations for student achievement and teacher performance," she writes in her book.

The results are amazing — she runs some of the best schools in New York State - 46 in all, serving more than 15,000 students.. In 2017, Success Academy schools ranked among the top 1 percent for math, top 2 percent for English, and top 5 percent for science among all schools in the state.

Education is one of the best, if not the best, anti-poverty tool in America. Reducing poverty in America comes down to narrowing achievement gaps, and that's what Moskowitz has spent her life doing.

Watch the video to see how students of Success Academy look at their educations!