More Staggering Statistics: Fatherlessness

The Problem of Fatherlessness 2016
The Problem of Fatherlessness 2016


Seventy-one percent of high school dropouts are youth from fatherless households. Additionally, 71 percent of teen moms come from fatherless homes. At this point in time, 72 percent of African American and 53 percent of Latino children are born out of wedlock. The number of Caucasian children born out of wedlock has grown by 300 percent since 1975.

TPOH has talked before about the importance of the success cycle — first education, then marriage, then children. The impact of this cycle on reducing the likelihood of poverty among 20-somethings is well documented. But if you weren't convinced, here are some other statistics for consideration about the importance of having a two-parent household.

Fatherless children are:

• 2 times as likely to drop out of high school
• 2 times as likely to end up in jail
• 2 times as likely to abuse alcohol
• 4 times as likely to have emotional or behavioral problems

GRIP Youth Outreach is trying to interrupt the relationship between fatherlessness and these statistics. It matches more than 550 Chicago public school students with local adult mentors. In 2016, 92 organizational partners and 2,200 volunteers invested more than 24,000 hours in whole-life mentoring seeking to break the cycle of fatherlessness and violence for underprivileged Chicago youth.

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GRIP sounds like a great organization. Do they do work in other cities besides Chicago?