Motherhood Is Something That Women Want, But Many Cannot Seem to Find

Around half of all women in the U.S. want to have children, and that's up from 46% in 2002. But often they are finding it difficult to do that, and if they do have children they don't have as many as they want. What's going on with this?

This article notes that Dr. Jordan Peterson, psychologist at the University of Toronto, has found that when women hit their 30s, they want marriage and family much of the time. But the problem is that previous life decisions often make that difficult, like going to college and accruing insane levels of debt.

Many women are missing out on the joys of motherhood and that's a shame. There's hardly any vocation more noble or necessary than being a mother. After all, in commerce you're merely offering a product, but in raising children you're literally forming the future. That's incredible, if you ask me.