Shocker: Men Benefit Financially From Having Wives


A new report says that because of the increase in the number of women receiving higher education and getting better jobs that more men are now "marrying up."

"When we consider family dynamics, men are getting the benefit from women’s progress,” reads a quote from the article.

Another statement: "One implication of these findings is that the importance of [the] marriage market has increased for men’s total economic well-being.”

Yay! Women are able to be the breadwinners and provide security to the family, and men are OK with it. That's what all the effort was for, right?

Then, this:

“For less-educated women, the contribution of their husbands has been substantially reduced so that their standard of living has diminished, even though their personal earnings have grown,” the researchers say.

This could aggravate a wealth gap among less-educated or low-income families, the researchers say. Kim says potential future research could monitor how family demography still shapes and directly underlies inequality, even as family relations continue to evolve.

Committed love offers security in many ways, including pooling resources. But after years of men being the primary breadwinner in households, this sounds suspiciously like it could lead to someone making the case that husbands are a drag on less educated, lower-income women.

School, job, marriage - in that order - is not a losing formula. It's well-documented that a nuclear household has a better chance of moving up the economic ladder, and that lower-income women (and their children) are more likely to be in poverty if they are single.

Let's not teach women they don't need men. And let's do teach men that taking care of their family is still a noble endeavor. It doesn't matter who's the bigger earner. It's a mutual contribution to the relationship that makes everyone a winner.