These Five Charts Offer Insight Into Why Millennials Are Not Having Kids As Often as Previous Generations

There are only a few friend in my circle who are really wanting to have kids as fast as possible, and as many as possible. Parenting is a noble act, one of the most important jobs in any society. But the newest generation of adults is having fewer kids than our forebears.

These several charts take a look at the overall costs of having kids, and the time-commitment that is required to do so. It's a lot, for sure, and many in my generation seem to be choosing their own lives over bringing out new life.

One trend I found most odd was that a lot of men and women are choosing to be single parents; not a happenstance, but a conscious effort to be such. Kids need both mom and dad in the picture, but single parenthood is apparently more desirable than being married with children.

The why questions here are very difficult to answer.