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Utah Enacts New "Free-Range Parenting" Law To Protect Family Rights


It's hard to believe that a law needed to be passed to protect parents and children from the often overzealous Child Protective Services. But after several cases of CPS targeting families who allowed their children to "roam free" (as often was just a few decades ago), something had to be done for the sake of sanity.

"We likely walked to school on our own, played outside in our neighborhoods without adults watching, and stayed at home from time to time while our parents were away. We survived—and maybe even became more resilient. Increasingly, these parenting practices are considered suspect, and even criminalized. The high-profile 2015 case of the Meitiv family in Maryland brought national attention to this issue when the parents were indicted by Child Protective Services for allowing their children to walk home together from a park without an adult. They were subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing, but the incident revealed just how much has changed since we were kids."

So much overreaction to kids just being kids. Such attacks on the family ought not to be tolerated and I'm glad to see one state taking action to protect the integrity of the family. Any involvement of CPS must be strictly limited to actual cases of abuse, not normal activity like walking around the neighborhood or being home alone.