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How so? The pursuit of happiness is not a difficult concept, yet it's frequently misunderstood. It's a natural right bestowed to each individual. It's not to be determined by anyone else, and it's not a guarantee.

The Founding Fathers included the pursuit of happiness — alongside life and liberty — in the Declaration of Independence because they wanted to ensure that every individual has the right to pursue his or her goals, to not be denied the effort of one's labor, and to achieve satisfaction through one's own toil.

If you believe in the pursuit, if you find happiness through community deeds, commitment to your family, value you create at work, or relief and reinvigoration in the spiritual, then you are ready to be a moderator on the Pursuit of Happiness on, and help lead the conversation about how we can all best achieve human dignity and purpose, how each of us can pursue happiness in a way that is meaningful to our individual aspirations.

Interested in a moderator spot on the Pursuit of Happiness? Drop a "Yes" in the message box and we'll connect with you to make sure you are able to help others in our rooms.

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