A Lot of Integrity for a 10 Year Old

James Morehead


Hilde Kate Lysiak is age 10, and publishes the Orange Street News, based in Selinsgrove, Pa.

She has broken stories that other reporters missed, and others have been afraid to touch — including heroin in the high school, KKK intimidation, and child pornography.

She's interviewed by SPJ here, and talks about her future as a reporter.

The biggest challenge I face is my age. Because of my age, I can’t always report on the stories I want to report on. Sometimes the magistrate will refuse to give me the criminal complaints, or my parents won’t let me go to some places. But sometimes I can catch people off guard and they reveal more than they mean to.

People often talk down to me, or underestimate me. I say, let them. It gives me an advantage.

Lysiak has big things planned — once she no longer has to ask her parents permission before entering dangerous situations! But don't think she doesn't have the utmost respect for her parents, she does, even though she says part of that comes from them letting her be herself.

Sometimes I think the best thing parents can do is to get out of the way.

Do your kids have a passion? How do you foster it?

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I don't have kids. I get nervous when my niece and nephew stand too close to a railing on a high floor.