A Short Compilation of Thomas Sowell's Economic Brilliance

Thomas Sowell - Brilliant Economic Insights
Thomas Sowell - Brilliant Economic Insights

Sparkling insights from Professor Sowell captured from various episodes of Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson. http://www.LibertyPen.com


I'll keep this short and basically let Dr. Sowell do most of the talking. I stumbled across this video (yes, I was looking for Thomas Sowell videos!) and all I can say to some of the things he says here is wow! Each of thee clips are put together from broader conversations and interviews, and it hardly takes 10 seconds to see just how incredibly brilliant this man is.

These are some of the topics that stood out the most to me:

Current standards of poverty vs past standards.

Effect of the welfare state on crime.

Deterioration of education quality.

The unsustainability of Social Security.

Inflation as a hidden form of taxation.

We are so blessed to have this man's research published and available to us. There are few people living today who have the articulation and guts to say what needs to be said. Please enjoy the clip!