Ever Feel Like This In the Morning?

Firebringer | I don't really want to do the work today
Firebringer | I don't really want to do the work today

All credits to Team StarKid Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmVuNlu0LCk&t=6633s


Some of the things I find on the Internet are simply hysterical and relatable. This little video most certainly falls into that category on both counts, as there have certainly been some days I've felt this way.

This clip is part of a play put on by STARKID, and though I have not seen the entire thing, just this one segment tells a story in and of itself. How many times have we woken up in the morning and told ourselves "I don't want to go to work today"? Or when we get some assignment while at work, and we feel like "I don't want to do it."

At some points in life, we just don't feel like doing what we need to do. And it's okay to feel that way sometimes, but what do we do in response to it? Do we keep a bad attitude about it, or do we push through and do what needs to be done and with a good attitude?

One of the things that set apart some people from others is attitude. A person who has a perpetual good attitude, no matter what happens to them, is a force to be reckoned with.

I am aiming to be that kind of person, where no matter what happens to me, I maintain a good attitude and outlook. There are some days I just don't feel like doing the work, but by pushing past that I am making myself a better person. I'm not there yet, but I hope to be at some point.