Everything You Learned About Happiness You Already Knew


TPOH likes to discuss the four primary areas where we can create value in our lives and the lives of others - community, work, family, and family. And in so doing, we create happiness.

It's not a magic formula. It's not selflessness on display. Creating value through actions is built on a belief - and reinforced by scientific evidence - that purpose drives individuals to higher goals, greater achievement, and more personal satisfaction - no matter what purpose we put our minds to. This is why the Founders were so keen to make sure the freedom to pursue happiness was engendered in the Declaration of Independence.

Now comes author Rolf Dobelli, who says that we're all thinking about happiness the wrong way (but who really shares a lot of TPOH's philosophy).

For instance, Dobelli, whose latest book was adapted for a newspaper article, advises to embrace your insignificance. TPOH prefers to look at life as abundance without attachment. We can create much, but we don't have to be wedded to it.

Then, he notes that it's okay to have anxiety, but inaction is the greatest contributor to anxiety's permanence.

After that, there's this nugget.

Don’t buy into the authenticity hype. There are several reasons.

One: there’s the simple fact that we don’t really know who we are. As we saw with emotions, our inner voice is far from a reliable compass. It’s more like a hodgepodge of constantly conflicting impulses.

Two: you’re making yourself look ridiculous. Name one famous figure who regularly blurts out their innermost feelings. You won’t find one. People are respected because they deliver on their promises (emphasis added).

Dobelli speaks of several other guidelines to follow for a happy life. TPOH won't review them all, but the important lessons are these - take action, do what you say you will, concentrate on people, not objects - and you'll find you end up a happier person!

What actions do you take that increase your happiness?