New Regulation Will Require Labeling of Calories at Restaurants, But That's Really Problematic For Pizza Places

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottleib is set to announce a new regulation that will implement an Obama-era rule requiring restaurants to display calorie counts on their menus. At first, this does not seem to be that burdensome, but for pizza places it could present a host of issues.

Pizza places do not have a standardized menu like most other food joints. There are an innumerable amount of potential combinations that a customer could order. With the way the rule is written, the FDA could be forcing these pizza places to list all these potential combinations on their menu boards.

As I read this story by Jim Gerety, I am reminded that regulations have a cost, and those costs have to be passed onto consumers. Especially on certain industries, regulations may have adverse effects because of differences in that industry compared to others.

This is why I'm thoroughly convinced that private individuals and businesses are generally better-equipped to handle problems that arise in life. When free of coercive force, the two parties can cooperate to come to an agreeable solution. But when another party, like Washington, comes along and threatens massive fines and legal action if things are not done their way, that costs consumers time and money as businesses have no choice but to comply.

I feel for Gerety, I really do, and I wish that his story would reach the FDA's ears and that they would hear the looming adverse effects of this new regulation.